This decade is one of transformations and growth for Jenny. She married her first husband, William Quiñones Bujosa, who was an important help for her professional and family growth.

Jenny always had as good an eye for business as she did for aesthetics:

“I wanted a store in a tourist place, where people could buy and find something that was made here, with materials from the country, and that they could take with them as a souvenir from the Dominican Republic. One day I was meeting with Sully Bonnelly and Rodrigo Rodríguez, and they told me that the one who worked the most in design and the one who knew the most about it was me. What they did were party dresses and mine was very practical, easy to put on. For me that was not design, because I did not understand it. So, that's when I understood that that's what I was, a designer..