Ode to the Caribbean

Fashion, Art & Heritage

Fashion, art and heritage' opens the doors to the world that designer Jenny Polanco has built in response to the inner need to understand her roots, using fashion as a channel to tell stories and establish relationships between design, the tropics and craftsmanship. It is a journey through the design processes of women's fashion, as well as accessories and everyday objects, that Jenny Polanco has been building for more than 4 decades, establishing fluid dialogues between classic avant-garde style and certain essential characteristics of the region, giving it a unique language in fashion: the Caribbean.

Jenny and Raul are from the Caribbean. They found each other in their search within a small island. Both perceive the landscape as a space of encounter and share an admiration for the tropics and the multiplicity of their identities. Many years ago they began a dialogue in a process that never ended. A slow process. Their meetings were full of conversations that questioned and built, with much sincerity and frankness, the rebellious vision of a Caribbean where one could dream.

Art has always been linked to Jenny's work, as well as contemporary dance, literature and other forms of artistic expression. These dialogues are present in her design since its inception and nurture on many levels her research and study of the different ways of dressing, the uses of textiles and their applications to tropical regions, resulting in an identity that recognizes the value in vernacular craft processes and the work of the local hand.

This exhibition, organized in two areas, presents us first with the exploration and study of the artistic work of this creator throughout her career, the exploration of materials and her relationship with culture, art, design and local crafts as the basis of her identity, ending with the most recent collection of Casa de Moda Jenny Polanco, which uses the conversation with the artist Raúl Recio as a space for co-creation, which highlights the complicity behind a shared search between these two artists.

Photos by: Carlos Olivero

Jenny Polanco x Ikal

We remember the unforgettable experience we had visiting Ikal Store in Mexico. This fashion brand captivated us with its passion for craftsmanship and elegance, and the collaboration that has developed has been a true celebration of fashion and culture.

During our visit to Ikal Store, we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a world full of unique and exquisite pieces, which stand out for the perfect combination of tradition and contemporaneity. Ikal Store's dedication to highlighting Caribbean craftsmanship in each of its creations is truly inspiring, and we are delighted to have been able to be part of this experience.

In addition, during our visit to Ikal Store, we had the privilege of exhibiting our own designs, complementing the experience with a fusion of styles that further enriched this celebration of fashion and culture.

Heirlooms Summer 2023

Introducing the Heirlooms Summer 2023 collection, where timeless icons meet the warm glow of tropical bliss. Made from airy linen, these unmissable must-have pieces continue to captivate as fan-favorites. Anchored in artisanal romance, the collection celebrates the power of generations, embracing the ethereal yet contemporary style of today’s trend setters. It's a celebration of coastal glamour where playful spins on classics and chic hues evoke the romance and warmth of the Caribbean. From beachside chic to up-town standouts, these ensembles embody a fashion-forward aesthetic, transforming you into an event-ready statement with minimal effort, easily adapting to any trendy summer destination. 

At the heart of Heirlooms lies transcendent beauty- reintroducing a lineup of classic tops. Each piece is thoughtfully designed, radiating an air of optimism and intention. Crafted from pure white linen and adorned with gleaming amber buttons, these ensembles evoke a wondrous sense of nostalgia and adventure. As per Jenny Polanco’s signature touch, the amber gems add a touch of mystery and uplifting sophistication to these beautifully tailored cuts. Complementing the atemporal appeal, the collection introduces hues of buttercream and terracotta, infusing a cheerful vitality into the lineup of skirts, dresses, and tops. These picture-perfect shades radiate dream-like warmth under the summer wear.

Photos by: Karla Read