As a curious fact, which surprises even family members, is that Jenny Polanco's store in its beginnings had the name of JAEZ BOUTIQUE, which we learned from Doña Maruja, her mother, whom Jenny recently recognized as the culprit of her first creation:

“I never dreamed of being a designer, I think design was and is part of me. The culprit of that first creation was my mother. She made all my clothes and was the one who taught me to sew, knit and embroider, although her taste did not always coincide with mine. It was precisely the unsuccessful making of a dress with a fabric that I loved that triggered my debut as a designer. At that moment I decided that I was going to make all my clothes myself, on my body, without prior drawing, but by sewing pieces of fabric and draping, it was like making my first design. Gentleman magazine interview by EDURNE AZKONAGA 20188