A year of much growth and changes, both professional and family. It opens its first store in the central polygon, with Plaza Central being the site where the local customer is projected. There he had several commercial premises in a minimalist style with polished cement floors, floating glass showcases, smooth walls, very avant-garde..

At the time of international fashion, Jenny's designs projected a pure, simple, subtle, almost ethereal image. It focuses on combinable pieces, the famous sets that allowed women the flexibility to interchange pieces. This is Jenny's fashion, without much fuss. Tremendously elegant and striking for its simplicity. El Siglo newspaper report by Jacqueline Ventura, March 23, 1990.990.

He continues to make his way in the Puerto Rican market, presenting his first parade on the island at the Raddison Normandie Hotel on November 7, 1990.

This year she ends her marriage to William Quiñones.

“Design for a self-confident woman who wants to express, with her clothing, what she is internally, elegant and aware of, she does not follow trends or impose style..