In the world of fashion, as in other disciplines of design or art, collaboration is very important. Jenny was always very clear about the importance of the role played by each photographer, each model, each muse, so she was in charge of cultivating beautiful relationships full of respect, in which creative energy could flow both ways, receiving both from each collaborator as if expressing herself that idea that is very clear in her head, even if it is taking the camera from the photographer at some point and using that critical and specific eye to reflect her art.

Although Jenny is the best-known part of the name, few know how important Polanco is in the strategic part, the structuring and organization of the business, this through the relationship that Jenny always had with her brothers, of friendship, society and complicity, honoring the value that he always gave to the family as that great engine that drove his life.ida.

As the world explodes in color in the mid-1990s and after a year of modeling and testing, the iconic amber buttoned linen blouse is born. The first copy that went on sale had rustic buttons, to later incorporate more geometric buttons.

“Amber means for me to honor and reciprocate everything that this island has given me, using our riches to enhance them with my work. Amber is a wonderfully rich resin. Its transparencies and colors dazzle me and our amber is the most beautiful I know and I know a lot, none has the color and richness of ours.”.