The season of parties, weddings and graduations were very busy times in Jenny Polanco's workshop, her dresses and jumpsuits with stylized cuts of silk charmeuse, voile, raw silk with transparencies or embroidered details by Doña Arlette de Fernández became the reference of elegance when dressing in the Dominican Republic.

Part of the emotion generated by telling this story comes from the hand of those friendly photographers, such as the endearing Carlo Prandoni, who through his lens captured images that toured the country in the most recognized magazines in articles and promotional arts.

This year he explores his passion for business. Understanding that her fashion is part of a lifestyle, she opens Country Rose together with her friend Ninouska Nova, a store specializing in American country-style lingerie, very popular in Casa de Campo and other luxury areas. (1996-1999)9)

In Puerto Rico, the Caribe Hilton Hotel reopens its doors, this time to open a store next to a brand of espadrilles. For the moment, her space in La Femme was still the favorite point for Puerto Rican and Dominican women who traveled to buy.

Once again he makes everyone move to his To the Rhythm of the Drums, a collection that he presented at the Renaissance Capella Beach Resort hotel. In this symphony of drums, color, shape and textures intermingle to create a harmonious melody that subtly intuits our Caribbean... expressed the designer for the report Revista A La Moda, Listín Diario d/f 4-Aug -1996 by Claudia Aquinouino