He continues to expand his brand with the opening of a new store in Diamond Mall and his career is already a benchmark that can be felt in the media, from whom he has always received special support.

“If we compare it with a fabric, it would have a label that would say: 100% Jenny Polanco. She assures that everything that is part of the need to give the best of herself, her sweet metal voice reveals a firm, frank and somewhat mystical woman, she knows what she wants and honestly confesses that her professional career, to which calls an exercise of life, it has been extremely easy, because everything is in the intention with which things are done. For many, fashion design is a trade, for Jenny Polanco it is also magic. ... Social Rhythm interview by Gina López, July 10, 1999..

“All the dresses were size eight. It was like that for many years, just in case they didn't sell, I made them in my size. My clients are the ones who tell me their needs. Until recently I did not know that I made wedding dresses and I found out that some of my white dresses were used as such. Rhythm Social interview by Gina López, July 10, 1999.

“If I were to design something for myself, or a woman like me, it would be three holes, because I am so pro that it is only the person who stands out, that I would hardly work in design, but in image interview for OH Magazine by Tania Báez, 3 August 1996996