Searching in her closet she had a reunion with the moment of her participation in Miss Dominican Republic in 1979. She found a black voile blouse, draped, joined by pearls on the front, she had made herself to participate in the contest. Her daughter Carla inherited the piece and Jenny was left with the inspiration that led her to release a new version in cream, according to her it was an improved version since she considered that the original was too bare.

From the Casa de Campo Marina pier, it launches a new collection, offering pieces with a wealth of materials, playing with amber, linen, silk charmeuse, voiles to achieve a sophisticated collection that reflected a luxury lifestyle. Then he understood that without having thought about it or without understanding it, he had launched his first Cruise collection.

“I love the non-color, the emptiness that allows you to highlight what you want, I find it extremely elegant in the tropics, especially, with our natural light that dazzles.a”.