Jenny's friendship with the photographers became a creative symbiosis from which a large part of the brand's identity emerged. This year, together with Emiliano Larizza, they decided to visit three completely different scenarios to present the different collections, this is how they tour the Santa Bárbara neighborhood in the Colonial City of Santo Domingo, the historic center of San Pedro de Macorís and Kingston, Jamaica.

In Santa Bárbara he rediscovered the first neighborhood of artists, artisans and stonemasons of Santo Domingo, its people, the sensitivity of its walls where we could still find remains of those pieces by Silvano Lora that at one time marked territory with culture.

Nostalgia for the historic center of San Pedro de Macorís reminds us of the moment in which port trade was born in our country. Buildings, forged balconies, ruins of an architecture rich in details that resembled the eyelet fabrics, horn belts and guayacán details of its fashion at that time.

He takes advantage of his participation in the Jamaica Fashion Week in Kingston to photograph his fashion in local settings of cultural value, capturing through them the sensitivity of his people, their race, their values and colors. A memorable trip.

A new store opens in Blue Mall that was in force until mid-2014.

Jenny Polanco is the first brand of the Dominican textile-clothing industry. (Jenny Polanco and Dominican Fashion Design. Dominican Fashion 2011. Sócrates Mckinney)y)