It is the 20th anniversary of the opening of our boutique in Bella Vista Mall, the store that has been with the brand the longest. A brand that is consolidated above the name, developing a work team that pursues a common goal, an example of this is the CRUISE 2019 collection, presented this year at Dominicana Moda.

This collection serves the brand to resume its essence in a youthful and renewed way, the white linen that identifies the brand reappears, mixing transparencies and texture through the use of silk organza, cotton voile, Guipour lace and appliqués. in mother of pearl The way in which the materials are used gives it a particular personality, the geometry, the mixture of volumes created from cuts and replays with the fabric thread, are the elements that characterize this new collection. In this collection, the blouse becomes a fetish that seduced the design team, in which it presents some 20 models, showing versatility and elegance..

Add to her list of recognitions being awarded within The Best of the DR by the Mercado Group.o.

“The simplicity of its preparations is the product of the complex work behind each piece. It is authentic and this is demonstrated by the sober white of some of its collections. It is romantic and the flights that shape many of its proposals speak of it. It is versatile and makes it clear with clothing that bears its stamp and can be displayed in department stores. (Jenny Polanco the amber of elegance by Marta Queliz. Listín Diario 2018))