With her store in full swing, she decides to go to New York to formalize and expand her knowledge, taking draping and pattern making courses at Parsons School of Design and FIT.

In the middle of her studies, she returned to the island to give birth to her first daughter: Carla Quiñones Polanco, faithful to the desire that her children be born in the Dominican Republic.

That same year, between trips to bring designs to production, he presented the El Geometrismo collection and the defined lines at the Gran Hotel Sheraton. Polanco's exquisite designs are for the active woman, and at the same time eminently elegant. Jenny, a restless and hard-working woman, is currently spending a season in this charming and enigmatic city of New York, perfecting her studies in design and high fashion. Listín Diario report by Yazmin Ríos, December 13, 1982.1982.

“It is time to wear practical clothes that can be used for dinner as well as to go to the movies. Newspaper report TODAY by Jacqueline Ventura, August 14, 1982..