Jenny is seduced by the use of color. With strong combinations of greens, oranges and purples, moving away from the comfort zone of those traditional white collections. Of course, always linen, no matter how closely I studied its behavior with other fabrics, it was in linen that I felt I was getting the results I wanted. Introduces high-waisted skirts and pants, protagonist necks, bare shoulders. The JP woman is beginning to define herself by her classic avant-garde elegance, recognizable among others.

With simple cuts, smooth and fitted textures, it presents a Collection for the Party at its location in Plaza Central.l.

This is a special year for Jenny as she marries Julio Pereyra, whom she referred to as her soulmate. Julio, Uruguayan by birth but based in New York, and Jenny, with a booming career, two young children, a jealously tended workshop and several stores, managed to find their rhythm traveling in both directions to enjoy a relationship that extended about 20 years. Very often Julio took advantage of the flexibility that his restaurant on Spring St. with Lafayette and his life as an artist gave him to travel to connect with the new family in the Dominican Republic, just as Jenny went about 8 times a year to look for materials and share with July. Their friendly relationship passed the time.

“The woman who wears Jenny Polanco's clothes respects herself, is a woman who is very proud of herself, who does not need to sell herself, does not need to sell a specific image that is fashionable, is a woman who is aware of her value and He knows how to exalt it by relying on clothing and accessories. Fashion for me is nothing more than a support, the essential thing is the human being. Interview with Jenny Polanco A Little Bit of Everything Program by Leonel Lirio 1994..