In our workshop there is no waste, which is no coincidence and not just a decision based on optimizing resources. Since before concepts such as recycling or sustainability were as present as they are today, Jenny had the sensitivity to make it a priority for her pieces to be reusable,
Making the pieces so that they last from generation to generation, a rule that has remained until today. This year that commitment takes on a new nuance by collaborating with her great friend Quisqueya Henríquez in a campaign called don't look at her, look at me, which more than just advertising, was a reaction to what we hide as a society, the unresolved problems of the city, like garbage. One of many daring decisions in which he found beauty where no one was looking for it.a.

This year he opens a Jenny Polanco store in Casa de Campo together with Bibi León, another sister with whom he started a business. Bibi with her hand-painted home pieces and Jenny with her resort designs, an exquisite concentrate of the best of Caribbean style that received immediate acceptance. Perhaps the most special moment of this store was the one in which Elizabeth Taylor herself crossed the threshold for much more than just look. He bought the entire collection of necklaces on display and not satisfied with this, he looks for a way to contact Jenny to invite her to his villa because he wanted to know more about her and her necklaces. I spent 5 hours with her, I talked to her about my country, my clothes, my pieces and I showed her how I would wear them. Instead, she used the necklaces two by two and three by three. Something that was unthinkable for me interview El Nuevo Día, September 2003.2003.

“I spent 12 years in the market outside of my country, I sold in Puerto Rico and had boutiques in Santo Domingo, but there came a time when the whirlwind of meeting the demand of what each store requested took me away from the delight of creating my own rhythm, at my whim, and I decided to concentrate on what I like, even if I sacrificed exporting my name to do so. I have precious memories of those trips to Puerto Rico to deliver and take orders, to see how my clothes moved. Now I really enjoy doing what I like, I design for my taste and for that of the client who follows world fashion. Of course, I have decided that whoever wants to buy my pieces has to come here. I am not a globalized product. interview The New Day, September 2003..