The anticipated 50s arrive, an age that she awaits as a fulfilled and at the same time dissatisfied woman. That nonconformity of a mature creator who never stopped looking for more, looking for essence. That search took her far abroad, on tours of India, Africa, and Europe, as well as taking her deep inside, on a spiritual and cultural quest that provoked internal struggle and constant transformations that were reflected in her designs.

After the earthquake in Haiti, Jenny became aware of our neighboring nation and developed the first collection of Haiti handbags, made with Haitian painting canvases as a tribute to her people and a way of collaborating, allocating a percentage of sales to the Sainte Sainte Foundation. Marie. The bags became a brand reference and through them Jenny showed the best of both countries: Dominican design and workmanship and Haitian art and crafts..

The Ibero-American Biennial of Madrid selects the Midori portfolio to be part of its exhibition, adding to its list of international recognitions.s.

The Namaste and Africa collections, presented this year, show that inspiration from his travels and searches. Particularly with the Namaste collection, he collaborated with the photographer Tiziano de Stefano in the photographic exhibition La Moda como Musa.o Musa..